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Aims and Objectives

Project Partners

The ewec Team

Michaela Moser
ksoe, Vienna/Austria
ewec Project Coordinator
Born 1967; Studies in theology, ethics and public relations, work-experience in adult education, women’s projects, household, conference organisation, journalism, youth-work, project management and PR in the Social Profit Sector;
Board member of the Austrian and the European Anti Poverty Network.

Dr. Hortense Hörburger
Born 1952; studied (history and political science) at the University of Konstanz (G), Brighton (GB), Bologna (I) and Tel Aviv (Israel); PHd in History; since 1979 based in Brussels. Author of many articles and several booklets on European issues, lectures at various educational events and producer of television and radio programmes.

Mirka Holubova, Gender Studies o.p.s.
Prague/Czech Republic
Born 1948; graduated from the philosophical faculty of the Charles University (English and Czech). Civil society activist and co-founder of Gender Studies, at present working with the Ministry of Interior of the Czech republic – Reform of Public Administration (training of officials in public administration); student of Theology of Christian Traditions at the Evangelical faculty of the Charles University.

Alena Kralikova
Gender Studies o.p.s.,
Prague/Czech Republic
Since 2002, Director for Education in Gender Studies, o.p.s. in Prague.
Became involved in women’s issues and gender-related topics in the Czech Republic and the European Union thanks to gender studies in literature and linguistics at Charles University where she mainly focused on gender in English language and 20th century literature.
Recently, she has focused on media and its relation to gender, women’s political participation and their access to decision-making positions. She has given various lectures and seminars for a number of target groups, and participated in conferences discussing gender aspects of society, especially media and politics.

Eva Klawatsch-Treitl
WIDE, Vienna/Austria Academic training in Business Education at the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration; Coordinator of the WIDE-Working-Group “Women and Economy“ and the association Joan Robinson (Verein zu Förderung frauengerechter Verteilung Ökonomischen Wissens), adult educator with a focus on economic literacy and intercultural learning.

Dr. Claudia Neusuess
Weiberwirtschaft, Berlin/Germany
Political consultant, project developer and author with a focus on EU-enlargement, Gender Mainstreaming and Gender Democracy. Training in political science, psychology and economic geography at the University of Bonn and the Free University of Berlin. Teaching of courses on gender and poverty, social policy, and alternative economy. Co-founder (1987), of the women’s cooperative WeiberWirtschaft (“Women’s Business“). Former executive Board Member of the Heinrich Böll Foundation; board member of the East-West European Women’s Network (OWEN).

Dr. Caroline Wilson
EWC Barcelona, Barcelona/Spain
Caroline Wilson has been living and working in Spain since 1990. She belongs to DUODA, the Centre for Women’s Studies at the University of Barcelona and has recently finished her Phd on sexual difference and women’s writing. She works part-time as English teacher and translator, and teaches on the Master in Women’s Studies in Duoda, and its Master online in the Studies of Sexual Difference. She is the co-ordinator in Spain for the European Women’s College.

Dr. Reinhild Traitler-Espiritu
EWC/EPIL, Zürich/Switzerland
Former staff for justice and peace education in the World Council of Churches, and subsequently director of the Protestant Academy Boldern/Zürich (with a portfolio for women’s work); initiator of the European Women’s Summer Academies and co-founder of the European Women’s College, many years of involvement in the leadership of several European networks and organisations, such as the Ecumenical Forum of European Christian Women, the German Kirchentag, the Interreligious Association of Switzerland, et.al.
Co-organiser of the European Project for Interreligious Learning, EPIL.

Dr. Elisabeth Raiser
PHD in history; since 1986 engaged in educational projects on a national and an international level. Former co-president of the Ecumenical Forum of European Christian and co-director of the European Women’s College in Zürich.
Co-organiser - together with Reinhild Traitler and an international team – of several European Women’s Summer academies in Boldern/CH. Protestant president of the Ecumenical Kirchentag in Berlin 2003 with its many conferences, panels and forums on European issues.

The project outcome was also enriched by the participation of Manolita Fuentes/EWC Barcelona, Lada Wichterlova/Gender Studies o.p.s. and Gabriele Kienesberger/Forum Katholischer Erwachsenenbildung.

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