Empowering women to active European Citizenship



Aims and Objectives

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About the Project - Background

Political education of women is still marginalised within the field of adult education in Europe. Women in Europe – as well as all over the world - need to be empowered to participate more fully in the decisions that affect them, their families, communities and countries. Next to setting up further political educational programmes for women on regional and national level there is thus an urgent need to develop accessible educational programmes for increasing women’s awareness as European citizens and strengthen their political participation and governance on a European level as this projects aims to do.

The EWEC project thereby draws on the experiences of women’s educational projects and institutions from several European places with a special reference and link to the European Women’s College EWC which has been established in Switzerland in 1994 and since then has organised many successful and valuable seminars and courses. The EWEC project will be developed in close cooperation with the EWC. It owes a great deal to the work that has been already done in the context of the EWC and to their co-founders Reinhild Traitler-Espiritu and Elisabeth Raiser-von Weitzsäcker.

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