Empowering women to active European Citizenship

The Course

Study Plan


Module 1
Module 2
Choice Module
Module 3
Module 4
Module 5

Study Plan

The course “Empowering Women to actice European Citizenship“ is planed as a combination of modules held over a period of 24 to 30 months at different locations within Europe (which usually should be of a certain significance in relation to the content of the seminar) with tutored e-learning elements linked to the seminars.

English Language Course Pre-Module 1 - 2 weeks

Project Skills Pre-Module 2 - 5 days

Telling Her-story Module 1 - 7 days: Biography Work and the History of the Wogmen’s Movement. > QUIZ

E-learning phase 1

Feminist Theories Module 2 - 5 days: An Approach to Feminist Theories. Histories and Context. > QUIZ

E-learning phase 2
Living in a Europe of Many Religions Choice Module | Boldern - 3 days: Interreligious Dialogue as a Contribution to a Culture of Peace in Europe. An Introduction to the Dialogue Method.


E-learning phase 3

Paths in the EU-Jungle Module 3 | Brussels - 5 days: An Introduction to EU History – EU Institutions – European NGOs – Civil Society - Gender Mainstreaming > QUIZ

E-learning phase 4

A Good Life for All Module 4 | Vienna - 7 days: Access to Social and Economic Rights as a Foundation for Political Participation. > QUIZ

E-learning phase 5

Time for Project and Diploma Work of Participants with E-tutoring

Developing Democracy Module 5 | Berlin - 7 days: Human Rights, Women’s Rights and Gender Democracy. > QUIZ

Project presentation | Evaluation

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